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    SEL-849 是一款多功能產品,適用于工業和公用事業應用。它提供基于電流、電壓和熱的電機保護;基于電流和電壓的饋線保護;弧光檢測;和功率計量。

    SEL-849 可輕松安裝在電機控制中心 (MCC) 鏟斗或控制面板內??蛇x的 SEL-3421 和 SEL-3422 電機繼電器 HMI 允許簡單的遠程通信。

    The SEL-849 Motor Management Relay provides an exceptional combination of protection, metering, monitoring, control, and communications in a compact industrial package. Built-in Rogowski coil-based windowcurrent transformers provide phase current measurement suitable for applications up to FLA = 256 A. Youcan connect external CTs to accommodate full load amperes (FLA) greater than 256 A, and you can configurethe device as a motor, variable frequency drive (VFD) motor, or feeder protection relay. Connect an externalcore-balance current transformer (CBCT) to obtain sensitive ground-fault detection in a high-impedancegrounded system.? Standard Motor Protection and Control Features. Protect low- or medium-voltage three-phasemotors, as well as VFD fed motors, with an enhanced thermal model that includes locked rotor starts,time between starts, starts-per-hour, antibackspin timer, load loss, current unbalance, load jam/stalledrotor, phase reversal, breaker/contactor failure, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor overtemperature, phase, negative-sequence, residual-ground instantaneous and inverse-time overcurrentelements, and an external CBCT for sensitive ground-fault protection. Implement load control, stardelta starting, two-speed control, forward-reverse start control, and such other control schemes asundervoltage automatic restarting.? Arc-Flash Protection. Use the SEL-849 with built-in fiber-optic arc-flash detector input to implementarc-flash protection. Settable arc-flash phase and residual overcurrent elements combined with the arcflash light-detection element provide secure, reliable, and fast-acting arc-flash event protection. ? Optional Protection Features. Use the SEL-849 with voltage input option to provide over- and undervoltage, over- and underfrequency, directional power, loss-of-potential, and power factor elements.? Operator Controls. Use a double-shielded, 600 V MCC-rated, SEL C627M Category 5e Ethernetcable, as long as 7.62 meters (25 feet), to connect the SEL-849 Relay to an optional SEL-3421 MotorRelay human-machine interface (HMI) or SEL-3422 Motor Relay HMI module. Both HMI modulesprovide eight user-programmable tricolor LED targets, two fixed targets, and motor control andfunction keys. The SEL-3421 Motor Relay HMI module also has a full graphical display withnavigation and soft keys. ? Integrated Web Server. Log on to the built-in web server to view metering and monitoring data and todownload events, Sequential Events Recorder (SER), motor start reports, etc. Use the server also toview, edit, and save relay settings or to perform relay firmware upgrades.? Relay and Logic Settings Software. ACSELERATOR QuickSet® SEL-5030 Software reduces engineering costs for relay settings and logic programming and simplifies development of SELOGIC® control equations.? Metering and Monitoring. Use built-in metering functions to eliminate separately mounted meteringdevices. Analyze SER reports and oscillographic event reports for rapid commissioning, testing, andpost-fault diagnostics. Additional monitoring functions include the following:? Motor start reports? Motor start trending? Load profile monitoring? Motor operating statistics? Demand metering? Direct Connect 690 Vac Voltage Inputs. Optional voltage inputs allow for wye-connected, opendelta-connected, or single voltage inputs to the relay. Use potential transformers to connect highervoltages.? Control Inputs and Outputs. Six or twelve (optional) internally wetted control inputs or six externally wetted to 24/48 Vdc/Vac or 110/125 Vdc/Vac control inputs and four contact outputs (oneForm C and three Form A) are for control and status indication.? Analog Output (Optional). Use an optional 0–20 mA programmable analog output to display anyrelay analog quantities on an external analog meter.? Communications Ports.? Port 1 and an optional Port 3, EIA-232 or EIA-485 configurable serial ports? Port 2 single or dual (optional) 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port(s)? HMI Ethernet port? Communications Protocols.? Modbus® RTU and TCP/IP? IEC 61850 (optional Ethernet-based protocol)? DNP3 serial, DNP3 LAN/WAN? Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)? EtherNet/IP? Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)? File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? Telnet (SEL ASCII)? SEL protocols? IEC 60947-4-1 Type 2 Coordination Compatible. For short circuits, the relay withstands as much as100 kA.

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